RBF-based Reparameterization Method for
Constrained Texture Mapping

Hongchuan Yu     Tong-Yee Lee     I-Cheng Yeh     Xiaosong Yang     Wenxi Li     Jian J. Zhang

to appear in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics

Algorithm overview

System overview. (Left) The input model with several user-specified feature correspondences; (middle) input texutre and initial paramterization (right) final result.


Texture mapping has long been used in computer graphics to enhance the realism of virtual scenes. However, to match the 3D model feature points with the corresponding pixels in a texture image, surface parameterization must satisfy specific positional constraints. However, despite numerous research efforts, the construction of a mathematically robust, foldover-free parameterization that is subject to positional constraints continues to be a challenge. In the present paper, this foldover problem is addressed by developing radial basis function (RBF)-based reparameterization. Given initial 2D embedding of a 3D surface, the proposed method can reparameterize 2D embedding into a foldover-free 2D mesh, satisfying a set of userspecified constraint points. In addition, this approach is mesh-free. Therefore, generating smooth texture mapping results is possible without extra smoothing optimization.


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