Co-operation Interests

Computer Graphics
- Surfaces parameterization and manipulation
- Visual Media Retargeting
- Game development

Data Sciencce & Application
- Data Analytics & Application
- Data Visualization
- Web / Mobile APP development

Graduate Students

Discover and Visualize Relation from Sensors of Multiple Production Lines

example graphic多產線感測器之關聯發掘與資料視覺化 (高崇恩, 105學年度)

...In this thesis, we provide user a visualization system. According to analyzing the multiple sensor data of the production line and the information of the parameter settings, we can evaluate the relation of the sensor in the same production line and in different production line. By hierarchical clustering, we can visualize the correlation between the sensors. As a result, we can get from the corresponding sensors to learn how to read the parameter of the sensor and quickly understand the relationship between the sensor and the production status on the new production line. Furthermore, in our study, we further compare the results of sensor clustering with different sets of backgrounds and help user compare multiple different time period, products and setting in different production line in order to optimize the setting parameter and find unusual sensor. [YZU Paper]

Pedestrian Flow Estimation using Generic Moving Object detector in Surveillance Video

example graphic運用移動物體追蹤技術於監控攝影機之人流計算系統 (林志興, 105學年度)

This paper presents an image based classification system for people counting and classification. The main purpose of our system is to evaluate the number and property of visitor in the exhibition center and further improve the understanding of administrator to visitor's background and interest... [YZU Paper]

Automatic Simulation and Path Adaptation for Polishing System

example graphic拋光系統自動化模擬與路徑適應技術 (劉俊朋, 104學年度)

...In this thesis, we provide user with polishing surfaces once. First, we merge the patches of required polishing surfaces into a bigger one and keep patches adjacent from the neighboring relation of surfaces in parametric space. Next, we generate a polishing path on the big patch and re-project these paths onto surfaces and adjust the distance of between points in the polishing paths and distance of the between polishing paths by user parameters. Finally, our system output the polishing path into a data to multi-axis robot arm for automatically polishing process. [YZU Paper]

Cube-based Mesh Deformation for Character Exaggeration

example graphic針對角色模型誇張化之由方塊控制的網格模型變形 (林峯正, 104學年度)

...In this paper, we propose an efficient algorithm and process that user can exaggerate the character model easily through adjusting parameters. Our research can manipulate model to deform consistently on continuous body parts through segmentation and grouping the model in advance. Besides, this research deforms model by scaling cubes which cutting from the space around model. This process can manipulate the ratio of size easier and reduce the probability of intersection. By the above method, we provide a tool for performing character exaggeration easier and more efficient. [YZU Paper]

Undergraduate Students


[Poster] 劉彥呈、楊書綺, 106學年度)


[Poster] (林毓宸、姚雅馨, 106學年度)


(連翊涵, 105學年度)


[Poster] [Poster2] (莊秉倫, 105學年度)


(羅濟威、黃志仁、陳崧源, 105學年度)

Events 校園活動資訊彙整暨活動推廣與管理平台

[Poster] (羅右鈞、張偉哲, 104學年度)

Kinect 籃球機

(饒宗翰、洪挺凱, 104學年度)

Kinect 體感實務遊戲開發

(張銘仁、張丞毅, 103學年度)

Pull it! LeapMotion互動遊戲設計

(周耕竹、陳威諭, 103學年度)


(蕭宇利、邱紹紘、高崇恩, 102學年度)


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